Sriyani Tidball's ongoing community work has given individuals an opportunity to help make a difference for over 40 years. If you wish to show your support by donating, volunteering or partnering with of her many causes, you can contact her directly to find the best way to help.

Learn more about the causes that Sriyani Tidball is involved with below.

Community Concern Society

Community Concern Sri Lanka stands up for the basic human rights of children and families, helping the poor and needy, feeding the hungry, alleviating poverty, educating the unschooled and tutoring those already in school. The programs run through Community Concern help with vocational training, aiding in the prevention of child labor, mobilizing women to get skilled and start their own businesses. Community concern also works with drug addicts, destitute children, the abused, the homelessness, and other hurting people in the community.

Street Kids Worldwide

Street Kids Worldwide is a US-based charitable non-profit organization. Our aim is to help children and families around the world. The organization has been making a difference in the lives of marginalized children for nearly 25 years.